Drive Enrollment with Your Website

Getting families to schedule a tour at your school doesn’t have to be a struggle. Gradelink websites use proven marketing principals and integrates them with a robust platform that is easy-to-use. With a Gradelink website, you can book tours and communicate your school’s message clearly to prospective families.

A new school website is as easy as one, two, three


Choose A Package

Tak a tour of our website services and choose a website package that fits your needs. Request and receive a proposal in minutes!


Sign Up & Get Started

Once the initial setup is paid, all you need to do is gather your website assets, including photos and send them to our design team! We’ll build out your new site design on a development server so it won’t effect your current site.


Review & Launch

Once we’ve completed the initial design of your site, it’s time for you to review it! We’ll complete any revisions and prepare the site to go live.

Answers to Your Questions

Will we be able to edit our website?
Yes! We give the school administrative access to the website, which allows access to make edits to every part of the website required for minor or extensive design changes, content changes, and other changes. We'll even get you started with a free training session with your website maintenance package!
Does the website come with ongoing support?
Yes, every website comes with a maintenance package that includes up to one hour of dedicated support every month!
How easy is it to make edits on the website?
It's REALLY easy. Just to give you a good idea of just how easy it is: Of the 100+ administrators that use our website service, 90% of them are able to make their own edits and content changes with ease after just ONE training session.
Is there a discount for non-profits?

Yes! We love non-profit organizations and recognize the value they bring to our communities across the U.S. and internationally. If you're a non-profit, we'll give you $200 off your website setup!

Do I need ongoing maintenance?

There's a lot more than just basic hosting that goes into the monthly maintenance of your school website. There's uptime tracking, technical support to address more advanced challenges, security updates to make sure your website doesn't get hacked or injected with malware, regular updates to the infrastructure of your website to make sure it runs smoothly. If you're looking for peace of mind and an accessible, trustworthy, and capable team to manage your website while you run your school or organization, then Gradelink's ongoing website maintenance is the solution for you.

Does my website need to be accessible?
In recent years, website accessibility has been an increasing point of concern for many organizations, in part due to recent updates to laws relating to accessibility (such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) as well as an uptick in the frequency of lawsuits brought against establishments that are not compliant with such laws. The education sector is no different from any other industry in this regard, and could easily be targeted by accessibility lawyers. Legal ramifications aside: wouldn't you want your website to be accessible to people with disabilities?

Why go with Gradelink Websites?

Get a school website designed to boost enrollment that is easy to manage and has the professional support.

Quick & Reliable

Have you experienced one of these scenarios? You have a guy that promised a website for you organization in two weeks, but you haven’t heard anything for the past two months. Perhaps you were looking at a huge design firm that requires a massive budget and timelines spanning many months. In either case, you want your new website done in a timely and reliable fashion, right?

Look no further.

Boost Enrollment

Does your school website follows a methodology proven to increase enrollment? Does you website have a clear call to action, such as booking a tour right from your website? Is your website mobile responsive so that it work optimally for the over 60% of parents that are using their mobile devices to search for your school? Is information on your website organized  and easy to find?

All of our client’s websites do.

Training & Support

Do you want to have the ability to make quick updates to your school website on you own or internally? Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to custom tutorial videos that showed you exactly how to make changes on your website? If you don’t have the time or ability to make changes, or something goes wonky, wouldn’t it be great to have a trustworthy and reliable support team at your back?

That’s exactly what we offer.

Here’s what others think…

Their enthusiasm for Gradelink Websites is better than anything else we could try to tell you.

“In just the first week, five families booked tours on our new website. Fantastic! The best part is the booking is handled by an outside source and the parents can choose the time/date.  It saves us so much paper work and hours spent handling calls and answering questions on the phone that would be asked during a tour.”

Heather G.

Admissions Coordinator

“Gradelink has been an amazing company and I have been impressed with them from day one. I want to specifically highlight how much the website has helped to boost our enrollment at the school. We started off with a really, really small amount of students and we have grown exponentially because of Gradelink.”

Keniqua Burrows


“We’ve had our Gradelink website now for about two years. We are able to make regular updates to our content which were difficult to do before because the Gradelink web platform is so simple compared to what we were using in the past. The customer support is the other big difference for us. They have been, hands down, the best customer support we’ve had out of any sub-contractor that we’ve used.”

Amy Walker


“Vince and his team have been there from day one with both putting the website together and continuing support as we have launched this website advertising our preschool. It is a fully functional website, great quality, and we could never have achieved what we did without the Gradelink team’s support. We greatly appreciate you, and thank you so much for all that you’ve done to help us.”

Gary W.


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